Unfortunately even these lovable “Gentle Giants” need rescuing. Too often families see the cute lovable puppy, take them home and forget that they won’t stay that size forever. The St. Bernard is a fast growing puppy and will go from 18 lbs. to 200 lbs or more in a short period of time. Puppies of this, or any size, require training so that they are good public citizens. They are easy to train and want to please. Neglecting this important step is one of the biggest reasons for rescue.

Stories of abuse fill the rescue website. Before taking on the huge responsibility of purchasing or adopting a St. Bernard, make sure this dog really is for you.

Responsible breeders will interview prospective buyers and even turn down those buyers they deem not capable of providing the best possible care for their puppies. They have the puppies best interest in mind and heart and would never willingly endanger them. Please review the material on this page and visit the Rescue website.

National Organization Information (taken from the St. Bernard Club of America’s website):

The Saint Bernard Club of America and the Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation (SBRF or Foundation) are autonomous organizations, both dedicated to improving the welfare of the Saint Bernard.

The Rescue Foundation has two major objectives: 1) to place suitable, needy Saint Bernards in caring homes; and 2) to develop an educational program that reduces the need for extensive rescue operations. While the Saint Bernard Club of America and Rescue Foundation are independent organizations, they share a vision integral to the welfare of our breed: both seek the day in the future when the rescue of St. Bernards will be necessary only for dire emergencies.

While there are other individuals and organizations rescuing St. Bernards, Saint Bernard Club of America endorses SBRF; and in conjunction therewith, Saint Bernard Club of America licenses SBRF as the only rescue organization that may use the Saint Bernard Club of America name and logo. The SBRF is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation, and is officially approved by the IRS to receive tax-deductible gifts and donations. The Saint Bernard Club of America encourages all members to contribute to this organization and its worthy cause. The Saint Bernard Club of America through the actions of its board of governors may also elect to contribute to the organization just as it does periodically to research and other causes that benefit the breed.

As an independent corporation, the Rescue Foundation has its own governing body of officers, operates under its own budget and maintains its own insurance. There is no agency relationship between Saint Bernard Club of America and SBRF. While there may be some overlap in membership, between Saint Bernard Club of America and SBRF, individuals or organizations working with SBRF on rescue operations are doing so under the purview of the Rescue Foundation, and not the Saint Bernard Club of America. Notably, all such rescue operations are under the auspices of the Rescue Foundation and are not subject to the guidance or control of the Saint Bernard Club of America in any manner.

Link to the Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation